Dankbare luisteraars (2)

Radio Augias bereikte via het web plaatsen waarvan we nooit hadden durven dromen. Hier schrijft een luisteraar uit Ohio:

From John L. Isaacs

Dear Rob:
I enjoyed your final broadcast today.  I am hopeful that someday you will be back on the internet with Radio Augias radio.  Prompted by your e-mail salutation, I was 19 in 1977 and the music you played typified my interests during that time period along with the genre of the times.  I also especially enjoyed listening to the European rock music that I had never heard before (very good).   
My wife Janice and my mother will be traveling to Europe on September 3rd for a 18 day trip to eight countries.  Arriving in London, England, they will also be staying in Amsterdam, Holland where they will enjoy a canal cruise, see Dam Square, mint Tower and drive via Arnhem onto Oberammergau, The Passion Play.
listener-jlisaacsI am not on Facebook or Twitter, however I am on Youtube, so I have enclosed the link so you could put my name with my face and voice as you will see me outside my classroom door of room 525.  I am a Mathematics Teacher at Wayne High School in Huber Heights, Ohio.  A couple of my students interviewed me last year and created this remix of my interview.  I felt honored.
Thank you again for Radio Augias, and please include me in any future listener communication.
Cordially yours,
John L. Isaacs
Huber Heights, Ohio USA 

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